Sounds Like ALAN WAKE 2 Could Be Arriving In October

In which ALAN WAKE 2 voice actor Matthew Porretta spills the beans.

By FANGORIA Staff · May 22, 2023, 10:48 AM EDT

Believe it or not, this month marks the 13th anniversary of Remedy's Alan Wake, a unique horror-adventure game that put players in the role of its titular, haunted author. Upon release, the game did reasonably well with critics and went on to sell millions of copies, but it wasn't until somewhat recently that we learned Remedy has a sequel en route.

This announcement was met with much rejoicing from Alan Wake's passionate army of super-fans, but one question remained: when the hell will we actually get to play it? For some time now, the only word we've heard on that front was "2023," but given the rate at which games get delayed (and the fact that we're halfway through 2023 without hearing anything further), you'd be forgiven for wondering if that very general date might change.

Perhaps not! In a recent episode of the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast (via Bloody Disgusting), Matthew Porretta - who voiced Alan Wake in the original game and is onboard to reprise the role in Alan Wake 2 - let slip that the game is aiming to drop this October:

“I’ve been working on [Alan Wake 2]. That’s supposed to come out in October. We’re in the middle of working on it now. In fact, I was just in Finland last week. That’s where the company’s from, Remedy. Amazing people.”

Exciting if true! We'd love to be diving into an all-new Alan Wake adventure during Spooky Season '23. Perhaps we'll here more about this via Summer Game Fest, which is headed our way on June 8th. Only time will tell, but rest assured we're keeping our collective ear to the ground for more on this one, and will have updates for you just as soon as they roll in. Stay tuned for those, Alan Wake fans!