SATANIC HISPANICS Trailer Serves Up Latin Folklore Horror

The anthology hits theaters in time to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · August 2, 2023, 3:28 PM EDT
Satanic Hispanics

It's official! Latin horror anthology Satanic Hispanics is coming, and we have the poster and trailer. After catching this one at Fantastic Fest last year, we have been chomping at the bit for its wide release. Well, we don't have to wait much longer as the feature hits theaters September 14, just in time to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month. Collecing a who's who of Latin horror directors, the anthology includes segments from Mike Mendez, Demián Rugna, Eduardo Sánchez, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Alejandro Brugués.

"This movie is very special for us,” said Alejandro Brugues, who produced in addition to directing a segment “The first all-Latino horror anthology, made by some of the best horror directors representing us from all corners of Latin America, and focused on telling our stories. We couldn’t be happier having Iconic Events joining us in unleashing our Latino mayhem on you during Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Satanic Hispanics -Key Art

"We’re really excited to be working with Iconic Events, a company that has proven to think differently and outside the box” added Mike Mendez, who also carries dual directing and producing credits on the film. “This is Latino filmmakers telling Latino stories made for everybody. To be working with Epic and Iconic to bring our movie to theaters during Hispanic Heritage Month is a great opportunity for us to share our film and culture with everyone.”

With each director hailing from a unique corner of Latin America, the anthology has been praised for the diversity of cultures that contribute, with folklore from Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico all explored through the films and fused with political and social commentary through a thrilling genre lens.  The film begins with The Traveler (Efren Ramirez, Napoleon Dynamite), the only survivor following a police raid on a house in El Paso. As he’s taken into questioning, he tells them tales of his life and the magic he’s witnessed across the land, from portals to other worlds, mythical creatures, demons, and the undead, with each tale spinning into one of the film’s distinct shorts centered on Latin American legends. Let's take a look at some of those legends in action.

Ay dios mío, we can't wait for this to hit big screens everywhere! For extended Satanic Hispanics coverage, check out our latest issue FANGORIA Volume 2 Issue # 20. Produced by Patrick Ewald, Mike Mendez, Alejandro Brugués and starring Efren Ramirez, Greg Grunberg, Hemky Madera, Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Patricia Velásquez, Jacob Vargas, Ari Gallegos, Demian Salomon, Christian Rodrigo, Michael C. Williams, Dread's Satanic Hispanics is in theaters September 14. Get your tickets right here.