Richard Corben’s fantasy comic series is getting a restoration thanks to Dark Horse Comics! If that wasn’t exciting enough, the art of Den Volume 1 will be restored by José Villarrubia (Sweet Tooth The Witcher: A Grain of Truth), Corben’s long-time collaborator who will also write the foreword. On Corben, José Villarrubia said, “Growing up Richard Corben was my idol, and years later I was fortunate to be his collaborator and eventually to consider him a friend. He was the most innovative comics creator of the 20th century, distinguished by his virtuosity in using mixed media. His color was without paragon and continues to surprise me. Studying his work has been and is a lifelong passion.”

Den appeared in multiple issues of Heavy Metal featuring some notable full-frontal nudity illustrated within the pages. Corben passed away in 2020, but his work lives on and continues to be celebrated. The volume will be re-lettered by Nate Piekos of Blambot, and include an introduction by comedian, actor, and writer, Patton Oswalt.

This deluxe graphic novel will also be published in a hardcover format with a dust jacket, available August 8. You can pre-order your copy right here. We have a sneak peek inside, but first, take a look at the synopsis below if you’re not familiar with the series.

Thrust into a bizarre fantasy world called Neverwhere, the muscular adventurer Den goes on an exotic adventure through ancient ruins meeting an evil queen, her sacrificial doppelganger, bizarre lizard men, giant insects, and more strange and dangerous madness in this legendary saga brimming with horror, magic, and violence.



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