If you’re the type of viewer who prefers their horror intake to be of the not-family-friendly variety, we’ve got a wee bit of good news to share with you today: according to a new report over at Bloody Disgusting, Chris McKay’s highly-anticipated Renfield (the one where Nic Cage plays Dracula) has earned an R rating from the Motion Picture Association.

What’d Renfield do to earn that rating? Says Bloody Disgusting:

“Bloody violence, some gore, language throughout and some drug use.”

McKay’s horror comedy has been living rent-free in our heads ever since it was announced, and we’re thrilled to hear everyone involved with the film is ready to let their freak flag fly. Of course there’s nothing wrong with PG-13 horror offerings (and we’re not expecting Renfield to be a bloodbath), but in general, it seems safe to say that having the wiggle room of an R-rating at your disposal can never hurt.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the production cycle on this one, Renfield stars Nicolas Cage as Dracula, accompanied as ever by his trusty titular servant (played here by Nicholas Hoult). Turns out, being Dracula’s familiar across untold centuries gets to be kind of a drag, but after encountering a “perenially angry traffic cop” (played by Awkwafina), Renfield starts to imagine a better life for himself … and maybe even something like redemption.

Renfield hits theaters on April 14th of next year. We can’t wait, and we’ll have further updates for you on this one as they roll in. Stay tuned for those, folks!

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