Keith Rosson, the author behind acclaimed genre novels Smoke City, Road SevenThe Mercy of the Tide and Shirley Jackson Award-winning story collection Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons, is back with his punky and post-apocalyptic new book, Fever House. To make matters more exciting, the good folks over at Penguin Random House have kindly shared an exclusive excerpt of Fever House, which we’re thrilled to bring you today!

Here’s a brief synopsis of Fever House to whet your appetite before we dive right into it:

When a dangerous relic with devastating powers goes missing in the streets of Portland, a former rock star and her son must race against time to uncover its secrets—or risk the destruction of humanity—in this thrilling masterpiece of horror.

Intrigued? Of course you are. You’re only human, after all.

Now, of course, we’re not gonna spoil anything, but let’s just say Talk to Me isn’t the only piece of horror media this summer that’s bringing a whole new horror to those strange little appendages we call hands. If you’ve ever read any of Rosson’s other works (or seen his illustration work and graphic design work for Green Day, Against Me!, and Warner Bros.), you’ll know that the talented artist doesn’t mess around when it comes to scares. Just check out some of these rave reviews from Goodreads: “If Six Flags, Hellraiser, and The Walking Dead had a baby… it would be this book”, “…a gripping story full of raw emotion and laced with devilish terror” and “dark and twisted in a really delicious way.”

Fever House hits shelves on August 15, and you can pre-order your copy in your preferred store or medium, right here! Now, let’s dive in to that excerpt…

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