Steve Orlando and Steve Foxe’s graphic novel Party & Prey is getting the cinematic treatment. The AfterShock Comics title, originally published in 2021, was the subject of a competitive bidding war, but Legendary has come out on top, as per Deadline. The studio will now set about turning the “taboo-breaking queer thriller” into a feature film, with the creative team already in place.

Patrick Brice (Creep) is set to be in the director’s chair for the adaptation, with Rob Forman (iZombie) penning the screenplay. No word yet on casting or how soon production will get underway, but the brass at the production company appears to be wasting no time. As for the story at hand? It was written by Orlando and Foxe, with art by Alex Sanchez, and the synopsis reads as follows:

“Alan is used to being ignored by younger guys, so he hardly believes his luck when lithe, handsome Scott makes a move on him in the crowded gay club. But there’s a wolf on the dance floor tonight, and he’s hungry for fresh prey…”

AfterShock and Legendary will produce the adaptation, with Lee Kramer, David Sigurani and Jon Kramer on board as producers. Orlando and Foxe are also keeping some creative control here, as they are executive producers on the project. Orlando had this to say about it:

“From our nightmares to reality, in the best way possible! Here we are at a moment with Party & Prey that we never expected, but couldn’t be more excited for! This has been a story that’s clawed its way to life from the start, first from out of both my mind and Foxe’s, but as well from those of Alex Sanchez, Juancho! and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. And, of course – AfterShock! I couldn’t be prouder of this book – its lens, its action, its horror, and its representation across the board. We created the comic we wished would be on the stands, and now I couldn’t be more honored and energized for the world to see it on the screen!”


Foxe had the following to add:

“Creating Party & Prey alongside Alex, Juancho, Hass, my fellow Steve, and the crew at AfterShock was a taboo thrill all its own. An opportunity to tell a violent horror story entrenched in the gay community, without its rough edges sanded off for easier consumption. I can’t wait to see P&P interpreted into a new medium for an entirely different audience to discover.”

This is particularly noteworthy as it’s one of the first movies coming together at Legendary following the company’s recent deal with Sony Pictures. Previously, Legendary, known for Godzilla vs. Kong and Jurassic World, among many others, had been set up at Warner Bros. But they recently struck a multi-year, global distribution deal with Sony. So, when the time comes, Sony will handle the release.

The Party & Prey movie does not currently have a release date set.

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