Post-Apocalyptic Monster Movie DIE ALONE Coming From WOLFCOP Director

Carrie-Anne Moss and Frank Grillo are set to star in the film.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · May 17, 2023, 6:45 PM EDT
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Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The man who brought us WolfCop is getting back in the ring, this time for a post-apocalyptic thriller involving zombie-like monsters. Writer/Director Lowell Dean’s latest film, Die Alone, will feature Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) and Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy) starring, per The Hollywood Reporter. Despite the ongoing writer’s strike that has brought most of the business to a grinding halt, this one seems to be moving full steam ahead.

Filming is set to begin in June, with production taking place in Saskatchewan, Canada. Archstone is currently presenting the project to buyers at the Cannes Film Market. Kevin DeWalt, Danielle Masters and Benjamin DeWalt are producing the film, with Scott Martin, Michael Slifkin and Jack Sheehan serving as executive producers. But let’s get to the meat on these bones! The rather intriguing synopsis for the flick reads as follows:

“Set in a future where society collapses following a catastrophic pandemic, Die Alone follows Ethan (Douglas Smith), a young man with amnesia, who bands together with Mae (Moss), a rugged survivalist. Under siege from the zombie-like monsters created by the outbreak, Ethan must use Mae’s survival skills to find his missing girlfriend, before a fateful encounter with Kai (Grillo) unravels a secret that lies just beyond his fractured memory.”


Several things are at play there, not the least of which is the monsters created by the outbreak. Sounds a bit Resident Evil in nature, though the pandemic of it all may be hitting a little close to home for some folks. Understandably so. It also sounds far more serious than some of Dean’s previous work. This is the man who made Another WolfCop, after all.

Grillo, for his part, is no stranger to gritty, having starred in several Purge movies (with The Purge 6 on the way), as well as films like The Grey and Wheelman. Moss, on the other hand, doesn’t have a ton of horror on her resume, though she did star in The Bye Bye Man. But, in my humble opinion, the less said of that, the better. That aside, Moss is a well-seasoned actor who generally elevates anything she’s in. Her presence here can only be an asset. Pairing her with a guy like Grillo who, similarly, tends to bring his best even when what’s going on around him isn’t always the best? Color me intrigued.

Die Alone does not currently have a release date, but look for it sometime in 2024.