Nine Nightmarish Global Horror Movies Bringing The Fear This June

New international horror dropping this month!

By Samantha McLaren · @themeatispeople · June 7, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT

June has arrived in a wash of sunshine and rainbows, but don’t be fooled by all this love and positivity: plenty of spine-chilling horror movies are lurking in the shadows. British filmmaker Rob Savage kicked off the month with The Boogeyman, based on the Stephen King short story of the same name—and that’s far from the only horror film with ties to the UK coming to our screens in June.

In fact, three British horror movies made our round-the-world round-up this month, along with titles from Ireland, Australia, and beyond. So if you need an excuse to sit in the dark eating popcorn after you get sunburned at Pride (just me?), check out these international frights releasing this month.

1. Subspecies V: Blood Rise (Romania/US)

Subspecies V- Blood Rise

The Subspecies film series from Full Moon Features has long been linked to Romania, with the original entry being the first American film shot on location in the country. A Romanian-American co-production, Subspecies V: Blood Rise, was actually shot in Serbia, but it retains much of what makes the Subspecies franchise so fun. Director Ted Nicolaou is back, Denice Duff (who played Michelle Morgan in the last three films) returns as a new character, and Anders Hove reprises the role of Radu Vladislas, complete with his fabulous set of nails.

Subspecies V digs into Radu’s backstory, spanning the 500-year life of this ancient vampire. Alamo Drafthouse gave the film a limited release last month, but as of June 2, it’s now available to stream via SCREAMBOX and Full Moon Features.

2. The Devil Comes at Night (Canada)

The Devil Comes at Night

Ever wanted to watch a washed-up boxer face off against a cannibalistic cult? Well, Canada has you covered with The Devil Comes at Night, which arrives on VOD June 6 courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

Scott Leaver directed the film and co-wrote the script with Ryan Allen and Adrienne Kress, who also star. Allen plays Ben, the aforementioned boxer, searching for his inheritance at his late father’s farmhouse when he runs into the local cult. Let’s hope they’re not hungry…

3. Cannibal Cabin (UK)

Cannibal Cabin

Let’s stay in people-eating territory for a moment because the UK’s Cannibal Cabin is bringing some Wrong Turn vibes to the British countryside (and digital platforms) on June 13.

You know the drill: young people get lost in the middle of nowhere while hunting for a mysterious music festival that a stranger told them about (smart) and wind up stalked and savaged by the ravenous locals. Louisa Warren directed the film from a script by Charley McDougall.

4. Scream of the Wolf (UK)

Wolf Manor

Don’t you just hate it when werewolves interrupt your vampire movie? No, it’s not a new entry in the Twilight Saga—it’s a British horror-comedy called Scream of the Wolf!

Released under the title Wolf Manor everywhere except America, Scream of the Wolf follows an actor once known for vampire movies who decides to don his cape once more. But as shooting gets underway, the cast and crew quickly realize that the creepy old manor they’re filming in is under attack from a very real—and very bloodthirsty—lycanthrope. James Fleet stars in the Dominic Brunt-directed Scream of the Wolf, which gets a digital and DVD release stateside on June 13.

5. Fear the Invisible Man (UK)

Fear the Invisible Man

H.G. Wells’ 1897 novel The Invisible Man entered the public domain in 2017, so it was inevitable that some new adaptations would sneak up on us sooner or later. Enter Fear the Invisible Man from 101 Films and director Paul Dudbridge, which is coming to DVD, digital, and VOD platforms on June 13.

Fear the Invisible Man is set in the late 1890s and follows a young woman, Adeline (Mhairi Calvey), who shelters an old medical school colleague, now invisible. That fact proves problematic for Adeline when he begins terrorizing the city. Shot in South West England, Fear the Invisible Man is described as a “unique take on this globally loved story” and an “intriguing reimagining.” You had me at H.G. Wells.

6. Seire (South Korea)


June also brings us a moody-looking new horror film from South Korea—writer-director Kang Park’s Seire.

Named after a Korean folk tradition that says babies are uniquely vulnerable to supernatural dangers in the first 21 days after their birth, Seire follows a skeptical new father who attends the funeral of an ex-girlfriend only to invite something sinister into his family’s life. The film made its North American premiere at last year’s Fantasia International Film Festival, and you can catch it on digital and VOD platforms June 16.

7. Unwelcome (Ireland)


You might remember this one from our March round-up, but if you missed it in theatres, be sure to check out Unwelcome when it makes its Shudder debut on June 23. Directed by Jon Wright (Grabbers), this silly little slice of folkloric horror is packed with some serious Irish and Northern Irish talent, including Star Trek’s Colm Meaney and Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn. And while it takes a while for them the show up, the film’s creatures—malevolent goblins called Redcaps—are utterly delightful and achieved primarily through practical effects.

As for the plot, Unwelcome revolves around an English couple who move to rural Ireland to escape the dangers of the big city. But what lurks at the bottom of their garden may be far worse…

8. The Gates (Ireland)

The Gates

Shot in Ireland and set in Victorian-era London, The Gates is bringing a curse to VOD and digital platforms on June 27.

The film centers around William Colcott (horror regular Richard Brake), a murderer sentenced to die in the electric chair. But in his final hours, he puts a curse on the prison and everyone in it. Lord of the Rings star John Rhys-Davis also stars in The Gates, which was directed by Stephen Hall.

9. Run Rabbit Run (Australia)

Run Rabbit Run - Still 1 - Lily LaTorre

Let’s end this month’s terror trip by heading Down Under for Run Rabbit Run, coming to Netflix on June 28.

From director Daina Reid, Run Rabbit Run stars Sarah Snook as fertility doctor Sarah, who grows increasingly disturbed after her young daughter begins talking about memories from another life. If you needed more proof that kids are creepy, this one looks like it’ll do the trick.

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