NEXT EXIT (2022)

The folks at Magnet Releasing have revealed a new trailer for the upcoming supernatural comedy Next Exit, which stars Midnight Mass favorite Rahul Kohli, as well as Katie Parker of The Haunting of Hill House fame, making for a nice little Mike Flanagan horror-verse reunion. In this case, the two are taking a little road trip in a world where ghosts are real, and they’re both looking for a taste of the afterlife, for very different reasons.

The premise is pretty unique and, more importantly, could be pretty bleak in the wrong hands. But writer/director Mali Elfman, who makes her feature directorial debut here, seems to have injected a lot of life and humor into the film. It’s a road trip movie with an unlikely duo, set against a supernatural backdrop. The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

“When a research scientist (Karen Gillan) makes national news proving she can track people into the afterlife, Rose (Katie Parker) sees a way out and Teddy (Rahul Kohli) sees his chance to finally make it. These two strangers, both harboring dark secrets, race to join the doctor’s contentious study and leave this life behind. While Rose is haunted by a ghostly presence that she can’t outrun, Teddy is forced to confront his past. As these two misfits humorously quarrel their way across the country, they meet people along the way who force them to reckon with what is really driving them.”

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Joining Kohli and Parker are Rose Mciver (iZombie), Tongayi Chirisa (Mr Bones), Tim Griffin (True Detective), Diva Zappa (Fun Size Horror), Nico Evers-Swindell (Grimm) and Karen Gillan (Oculus). As for how the story came about? Elfman had this to say about it:

“I wrote this script because I was afraid. Afraid of Covid. Afraid of war and guns. Afraid of losing more loved ones. Afraid of post-truth politics and of failing on this artistic path that I’ve chosen for myself. There is so much anxiety and fear in the world we live in… I made this project because I needed to find hope. I kept looking for answers and realized what I had to do was trust myself. Trust the darkness that I was in. Trust that what I feared could manifest into something that could show me the way. I started writing this film nearly ten years ago, and every time a tragedy would happen and that darkness would take over again, this script would help me find my way back. Next Exit is my hopeful ghost story about the unexpected things that help us find our way through the darkness, even when we can see none.”

Next Exit arrives in theaters and on demand on November 4.

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