A few weeks back, we brought you the news that Nic Cage – Hollywood icon, our most recent Count Dracula, and proud owner of a very festive burial plot in New Orleans – would soon be appearing in Behaviour Interactive’s ever-expanding Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical horror title that pits players against various slashers, killers, monsters, and what have you.

At the time of that writing, we had no idea how Cage would factor into the game. Would he be appearing as one of Dead by Deadlight‘s famed Killers, joining the ranks of Michael Meyers and Pinhead? Or would he be one of the game’s Survivors? This is Nic Cage we’re talking about here, so either seemed as likely.

Today’s Summer Game Fest has delivered a bit of clarity:

Here we see an all-too-brief teaser for Cage’s upcoming role in Dead by Daylight, where (somewhat sadly, if we’re being honest) it appears he’ll be playing one of the Survivors. Those of you who’d been wishing to get chased by a maniacal Nic Cage wielding a chainsaw may be outta luck, but it’s still a lot of fun to see Cage traipsing around Dead by Daylight‘s haunted environment, dodging a Killer and futzing around with the same obstacles the rest of us have to deal with in the game.

As an added bonus, Cage himself appeared onstage at Summer Game Fest to make it official:

So, now we know: Cage is not only appearing in the game, but also voicing his character, a “heightened, exaggerated version of a film character called Nick Cage.” Apparently, the game’s version of Cage is summoned to what he thinks is a film set, only to find himself yanked into Dead by Daylight‘s Fog, at which point all Hell breaks loose. Again, not quite the “Nic Cage is going to hunt you for sport” angle that we might’ve been hoping for here, but still a very cool addition to Behaviour Interactive’s already-impressive lineup of horror icons.

When can you play as Nick Cage in Dead by Daylight? Assuming you’re got access to Steam or the Epic Game store (via PC), a PS4, a PS5, an XBOX One, an XBOX Series, or a Switch, the hunt will begin on July 25th. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in, folks!

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