Since premiering at Sundance earlier this year, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Something in the Dirt has become one of this year’s most highly anticipated releases, with today’s exclusive new trailer from IGN only ramping up the hype.

The genre-bending, mind-melting Something in the Dirt will be the fifth film from the directing duo behind Spring and The Endless, and follows:

Levi [who] has snagged a no-lease apartment sight unseen in the Hollywood Hills to crash at while he ties up loose ends for his exodus from Los Angeles. He quickly strikes up a rapport with his new neighbor John, swapping stories like old friends under the glowing, smoke-filled skies of the city. Soon after meeting, Levi and John witness something impossible in one of their apartments. Terrified at first, they soon realize this could change their lives and give them a purpose. With dollar signs in their eyes, these two eccentric strangers will attempt to prove the supernatural.

Speaking of witnessing something breathtaking, feast your eyes on this gorgeous new poster:

Something in the Dirt

Earlier this year, Benson and Moorhead made their debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with two episodes of the miniseries Moon Knight, and it seems that their own cinematic universe is only going to keep on growing. In a conversation with FANGORIA, Benson revealed that Something in the Dirt is part of a “…much larger [cinematic] universe that exists in Google Docs and conversations than what you’ve seen in the films we made.”

Catch Something in the Dirt in theaters on November 4th, on demand on November 22nd and watch the new trailer here:

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