The 9 Can't Miss Horror Films Coming To Shudder In July

From boogey men to THE LAST DRIVE-IN and Etheria Film Night, here's all the new horror movies coming this month.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · July 3, 2023, 1:29 PM EDT
DEATH GAME (1977)2

Summer is officially here and Shudder is celebrating with a new documentary shining a spotlight on our love for shark horror. They're also reminding us of a childhood fear that's not so unfounded after all, in the upcoming feature Quicksand, making its debut on the platform later this month. We're also getting some excellent fare from the vault. Take a look below for everything being added to Shudder this month.

The Boogey Man (1980)

the boogey man 1980

Not to be confused with The Boogeyman currently in theaters, 1980's Boogey has nothin to do with Stephen King, and everything to do with mirror magic. Ulli Lommel directs this twisted tale of little voyeurs. Two children witness their mother having sex, and a subsequent murder via a reflection in a mirror. Twenty years later the mirror is shattered, freeing the murdered boyfriend's evil spirit, which seeks revenge for his death. But it's a whole lot weirder than that. Trust us when we say to settle in and check it out. Best kill goes to what I like to call "the kiss of death." This one is featured in ISOD III, also streaming on Shudder.


Screen Shot 2023-07-02 at 1.28.16 PM

A family moves to a quiet and isolated place, but suffers from nightmares on their very first day in the new home. The wife is anxious about a strange sound she hears in the warehouse, but her husband ignores her concern. Meanwhile, the family's nightmares are getting worse, to the point that they can hardly tell the difference between dream and reality.

Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead (1985)

George A. Romero's third film in his Night of the Living Dead series takes us underground for a bit of bunker zombie fun. "Trapped in a missile silo, a small team of scientists, civilians and trigger-happy soldiers battle desperately to ensure the survival of the human race, but tension inside the base is reaching breaking-point, and the zombies are gathering outside." Go on the set of Day of the Dead in FANGORIA Volume 1 Issue #46.

Death Game


One synopsis describes Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp's characters as "two close women" while the IMDB synopsis refers to them as "psychotic young lesbians," so I guess you could say they were "close" with some big 'ol air quotes, and may also often be referred to as "roommates." But I digress. The duo seduces and torment a businessman (Seymour Cassel) in his plush San Francisco home. Eli Roth took a stab at the story in 2015 with his remake Knock Knock starring Keanu Reeves. Read more on Death Game and the recent 4K restoration right here.

The Devonsville Terror

The Devonsville Terror

A witch's curse? We're in. The arrival of three progressive young women ignites superstitious paranoia among the population of a New England town, who perceive their new visitors' arrival as the culmination of a curse for the murder of three women as witches 300 years ago.

Etheria Film Night 2023

etheria 2023

In the words of Etheria Film Festival's Heidi Honeycutt, "Etheria is all about women directing horror films. Our original mission was to show these films because, at the time of our inception in 2013, no one else was screening that many genre films directed by women. Ten years later, there are so many fantastic horror films directed by women every year that we can't possibly show all of them. It's a good problem to have." Shudder is bringing some of this year's Etheria shorts to the platform this month, giving us all a chance to discover some new, women-directed horror.

Quicksand - July 14


We have been training for this moment all our lives, or at least since we watched Atreyu and Artax lose the battle in The Neverending Story. This muddy horror follows a married (nearly divorced) couple who become trapped in quicksand while hiking through a rainforest in Colombia. They will battle the elements of the jungle and must work together in order to survive. We've got a sinking feeling about this one.

Sharksploitation - July 21


This documentary dives into the depths of the shark horror subgenre. From Jaws to 47 Meters Down, Sharksploitation explores our unending fascination with sharp-toothed, finned sea dwellers.

The Last Drive-In


Joe Bob and Darcy recently returned with the second half of The Last Drive-In's fifth season. Thankfully, our July will be filled with double feature Friday nights at the Drive-In!