Gibson TV's METAL AND MONSTERS (And More): An Interview With Count D

Diandra Lazor interviews Count D for METAL AND MONSTERS

By Diandra Lazor · @SassySledgehmmr · June 3, 2022, 2:12 PM PDT
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Last month, Gibson TV released its first episode of Metal and Monsters, a new show dedicated to the exciting and intense intersection of heavy metal and horror culture.

In the first episode, Robert Englund and Don Dokken are reunited for a 35th-anniversary celebration of “Dream Warriors,” one of the best horror metal songs ever (arguably the best depending on who you ask). The episode is also filled with never before seen photos from the Dream Warriors music video. You can watch it all HERE on YouTube.

Rob Zombie bassist, Matt “Count D” Montgomery hosts the show. FANGORIA contributor, Diandra Lazor, interviewed Count D about the show, Robert Englund, his history with music and horror, why metal and horror fans rule, and why it’s important to unabashedly share fandom with the world.

As an avid music and horror fanatic himself, Count D has a lot to say. Check out the full interview: