KILLADELPHIA Exclusive Cover Reveal Ahead Of November Release

Plus: Go back to the beginning with the first chapter of the debut issue right here.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · August 4, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT

We have a special treat for you today in the form of Killadelphia. It's a double-whammy on the docket as Image Comics kicks off a full month of “Killadelphia Summer Reading” with a tease of the critically acclaimed series' return in November and an exclusive cover reveal. But that's not all, gang. We're celebrating the upcoming issue 31 with an exclusive cover reveal, plus we have the debut issue for you to read right now.

The ongoing series follows a small-town beat cop who returns home to bury his murdered father, revered Philadelphia detective James Sangster Sr. What Sangster Jr. doesn’t anticipate is unearthing a mystery unlocking a path of horrors that will shake his beliefs to the core. The city once stood as a symbol of liberty and freedom, but has since fallen prey to corruption, poverty, unemployment, brutality… and vampires. (Ok, you had us at "vampires.")

And if you thought President of the United States John Adams was long-deceased, well, you'd be wrong. Turns out 'ol Adams is in the throes of building an undead army to stage a bloody new American revolution. It's up to Jimmy and an "unexpected companion" to thwart Adams' bloodthirsty plans. Check out some more info about the latest issue and the exclusive Killadelphia Issue 31 cover reveal:

In this latest arc, villains have become heroes, with the line between good and evil blurred beyond recognition. Philadelphia is ravaged by the war between Heaven and Hell, and our heroes are DEAD…But from the ashes of despair comes the spark of hope that will set up a bold new direction for this series…and things will never be the same. To celebrate the upcoming continuation of this sold-out, award-nominated series’ return, here is a chance to start from the very beginning with the first full issue available to read for free!


From writer Rodney Barnes (Marvel’s Runaways and STARZ’s American Gods) and Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn). Without further ado, we take you back to where it all started. Enjoy Killadelphia chapter 1, and dive into the series ahead of issue 31's November release.