Heads up, alien-horror fans!

Got a fun bit of news for you today, via Deadline: Joel Kinnaman (For All Mankind, The Suicide Squad) has signed on to star in Neill Blomkamp’s new film, an alien abduction thriller by the name of They Found Us. The project will go into production later this year in Australia, and will revolve around…

“…a father (Kinnaman) and his daughter Kaylee as they undertake a camping trip in the Utah wilderness to heal their broken relationship. After being attacked by a hostile extraterrestrial lifeform, their lives — not just their relationship — wind up at stake, as they fight with a humanoid beast to stop their abduction to an unknown and terrifying alien world.”

Listen, we are always down for more alien-based horror here at FANGORIA, and we’re particularly excited to hear that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s steering the ship on this one. Here’s a guy who knows a thing or two about pitting humans against aliens, and we can also probably rest assured that the alien itself is gonna look wild as hell.

Here’s another added bonus: They Found Us was written by Jeremy Slater, who’s turned in some excellent genre screenwriting over the years, including Marvel’s Moon Knight, Fox’s dearly-departed The Exorcist series, and for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. With Slater writing, it’s probably safe to assume that this one won’t be a paint-by-numbers operation.

This one’s gonna be coming together for a while – there’s not much more to report at the time of this writing – but do stay tuned for more on Neill Blomkamp’s They Found Us as further updates roll in! And, hey, in the meantime, maybe stay the hell out of the woods. Especially the woods in Utah. I mean, come on. Nothing good’s going on in there and we alllll know it.

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