We’re looking forward to a number of things this holiday season, but Tyler MacIntyre’s It’s A Wonderful Knife might be at the top of that list. A clever, slasher-themed riff on Frank Capra’s It’s A Wonderful Life written by Freaky‘s Michael Kennedy, McIntyre’s film looks like it might just have what it takes to join our annual holiday-horror rotation.

EW debuted the film’s first trailer earlier today and spoke with MacIntyre, who describes his film thusly:

“It’s about a young woman named Winnie Carruthers who lives in this town that’s obsessed with Christmas. There’s this tragedy that strikes the town, and she rises to the occasion, but her best friend is killed. We jump forward a year, and she’s wracked with guilt, and she’s unable to move on, and in her spiral she ends up making this wish that maybe things would be better if she didn’t exist. She wakes up into a nightmare version of this town, and there’s many more people dead, and it’s up to her to solve this mystery before it’s too late.”

Sounds great! Let’s take a look…

Yup, that looks like a helluva lot of fun. You’ve got Justin Long (in smarmy asshole mode, a thing Long has proven very adept at over the years) as the town’s mayor, Yellowjackets‘ Jane Widdop in the lead role of Winnie Carruthers, an exceptionally cool-looking new slasher (that deeply unsettling blank mask is giving off strong “underwater aliens from James Cameron’s The Abyss” vibes), and the same fun-but-freaky tone that made Kennedy’s Freaky screenplay such a hoot. Consider us sold!

So, when do we get to see it? If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year’s Beyond Fest, you can catch It’s A Wonderful Knife‘s world premiere on October 8th. The rest of us will need to sit tight until November 10th, when MacIntyre’s film hits theaters.

Stay tuned for further updates on It’s A Wonderful Knife as further updates become available.

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