INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR Trailer Goes Further Into The Further Than Ever Before

In which the gang gets back together for one last tiptoe through the tulips.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · April 19, 2023, 10:19 AM EDT

Kinda hard to believe, but the Insidious franchise has been running for 13 years now. The original dropped all the way back in 2010, was followed by three more sequels, and now - in the brave year of our Dark Lord, 2023 - the saga of the extremely haunted Lambert family will come to a close with July's Insidious: The Red Door.

Beyond being the alleged "final" installment of the Insidious franchise, The Red Door is also notable for being the first entry in this series directed by (and starring) longtime James Wan collaborator Patrick Wilson, who had this to say at the time the project was announced:

“I’m honored and thrilled to be at the helm of the next Insidious installment, which will provide an amazing chance to unpack everything the Lamberts went through a decade ago, as well as deal with the consequences of their choices. Directing the movie is both professionally and personally a full circle moment for me, and I am extremely grateful to be entrusted in continuing to tell this frightening and haunting story. Into the further we go…”

Today brings us the very first trailer for Wilson's film. Let's see what we can see...

Well, Insidious: The Red Door certainly looks like an Insidious movie! Everyone's back in action, including a now very grown up Ty Simpkins and his onscreen mother, Rose Byrne. Lin Shaye is also back, via what looks like the magic of a glitchy video tape that will help the Lamberts navigate their latest journey into the Further. Demons appear behind characters, through windows, and as blurry smudges within old photographs. Everything's in its right place!


Here's an official (and brief) plot synopsis, for your enjoyment:

“To put their demons to rest once and for all, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and a college-aged Dalton (Ty Simpkins) must go deeper into The Further than ever before.”

Insidious: The Red Door (written by Scott Teems from a story by the great Leigh Whannell) will begin haunting theaters on July 7th. Are you ready for one more trip into the Further? Stay tuned for further updates on this one as they roll in, folks.