I Doubted LIES OF P But Then I Saw This Trailer And Shut My Mouth

You will believe a Soulslike based on PINOCCHIO can whip ass.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · June 8, 2023, 5:07 PM EDT

I recall, way back when we first heard about Lies of P, thinking that a Dark Souls-style game based on Pinocchio sounded like a very silly-ass idea. Oh, we're gonna play as Pinocchio, are we? What's he gonna do, tell fibs? Use his lil' wooden nose as a blunt-force instrument to beat up little kids who've been turned into donkeys on Pleasure Island? Quite frankly, the idea seemed absurd, and the fact that the game was also a Soulslike felt like parody.

Well, about all that...

This is the newly-released trailer for Lies of P, which just debuted at the big Summer Game Fest (yes, the same Summer Game Fest that has us scrambling to write up all the incredible trailers and gameplay videos being dropped today). Ostensibly, this trailer is here to inform us that Lies of P will be arriving on September 19th. But if, like me, you've spent the last however-many months not really paying attention to this game because you thought it sounded ridiculous, this trailer also serves to inform us that said game looks fucking awesome.


We're all calling this a Soulslike because that's definitely what this is: a game that mirrors the mechanics as found in FROM Software's excellent and challenging Dark Souls series. In appearance, however, Lies of P looks a helluva lot more like Bloodborne, which some horror fans (ahem) will tell you might be the best of the Dark Souls bunch. I love everything going on here, from the intricately-designed game world to the steampunk enemies to the bits of weaponry we see on display ("Was that an umbrella?!"). Honestly, in the face of all this, the absurdity of the premise now kinda feels like a feature rather than a bug.

Anyway, I offer a mea culpa on doubting Lies of P. I'm genuinely excited for it now. And if you, too, are excited to see what Neowiz Games have come up with here, be aware that a demo featuring the first two levels of Lies of P is now available to download via consoles and Steam. I'll be digging into that bad boy just as soon as I'm done catching up with everything else that's come outta Summer Game Fest this afternoon.


Stay tuned for more on Lies of P as further updates roll in.