The wait for Chris McKay’s Renfield is almost over!

By now, you’re surely familiar with this horror-comedy’s set-up: Nicholas Hoult plays the titular, put-upon, long-suffering servant to the legendary Count Dracula (Nic Cage, in what appears to be Full Nic Cage Mode). The two have been together for damn near a century and, well, the relationship’s wearing a little thin. Eventually, Renfield decides it’s time to split up, at which point hijinks and a fair amount of bloodshed ensue.

Today brings us our final trailer for the film, which features a ton of new footage of Cage’s Dracula (including a shot where he appears to be shredding people with his bare hands), a Radiohead needle drop, and quite a bit more blood than Renfield‘s previous trailer suggested. Check it out:

Renfield looks to be a helluva lot of goofy fun, and we’re curious to see how it all comes together. Universal’s putting this one into theaters on April 14th (toldja the wait was almost over!), and if you’re curious to know more about McKay’s film, be aware that we’ve got plenty of coverage in the new issue of FANGORIA Magazine (order your copy here or else).

Stay tuned for more on Renfield as further updates roll in, gang!

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