Exclusive: Watch Roxy Shih's New Horror Short THE VISIT

Exploring loneliness and internalized guilt in the mountains of Taiwan.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · January 11, 2022, 7:00 AM PST
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THE VISIT (2022)

To grandmother's house we go! The Visit follows driven career woman Yi-Hua as she visits her aging grandmother, Nai Nai, at the old family farm in Taiwan. Pregnant and with her American-born husband in tow, the visit is not exactly a smooth homecoming. Disappointed in Yi-Hua's dedication to her new life in the city and uninterested in the trappings of modern existence, Nai Nai storms off in a fit of rage into the thick forested mountains surrounding her home. When she doesn't return at nightfall, Yi-Hua is tormented and heartbroken by the potential loss of the woman who raised her. Nai Nai miraculously returns days later, unharmed, but Yi-Hua worries that there may be more to her grandmother's absence than meets the eye.

Writer and director Roxy Shih says, "I'm so honored and thrilled to have The Visit release on ALTER, it's an extremely personal piece that circles around the loneliness of our elders and the guilt we internalize when we're away too long. It was a dream to shoot this on Taiwanese soil, and I am so grateful to my entire team for making this come to life."

Watch Shih's The Visit here and visit ALTER for more amazing short films.