GUTS Still 1

GUTS: Watch Chris McInroy's New Stomach-Churning Short

The grizly horror-comedy debuted at Fantastic Fest earlier this year.


BAD ACID: Do They Have Aerobics In Hell?

This short film is taking us to the '80s via a hallucinogenic hell port.

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ALTER: Watch Niall Shukla's A DOLL DISTORTED

Haphephobia: an intense fear of being touched.

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Hulu's BITE SIZE HALLOWEEN Is Back! And Season 3 Is A Doozy

20 short films including the likes of Tatiana Maslany, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Kate Nash, and more!


Popcorn Frights Announces Third Wave Of Programming

Featuring 77 short films from 20 countries.

COTTONMOUTH - Heather Langenkamp 5

Something Is After Heather Langenkamp in COTTONMOUTH

The iconic actress is once again fending off something in her room at night in this award-winning short.


Losing The Last Shred Of Humanity In New Short Film: PAINS

Justin Brooks and Emily Bennett bare teeth and explore the madness of transformation.

Us & Bruce6.jpeg

QUESTING FOR CAMPBELL: The Unlikely Story of an EVIL DEAD Fan Film

In 2001 Bruce Campbell visited a Michigan high school and became part of the ultimate fan film.


Casting A Wide Creative Net: Director Nuhash Humayun On SXSW Short MOSHARI

South Asian horror short premiering as part of the SXSW Midnight Shorts Program.

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Nine Minutes Of Terror: Watch The Trailer For BLINK Starring YELLOWJACKETS' Sophie Thatcher

Premiering at SXSW: Scream Gems' Horror Labs debut.


ALTER Sunday Live Streams Celebrating Women In Horror

Watch Volume 1 now featuring films by Emily Bennett, Karen Gillan, Shelly Lauman, and Melanie Light.

webMeat Friend Poster_4x6 copy.jpg

A Sentient Pile Of Murderous Hamburger Meat: Watch The MEAT FRIEND Teaser Now

Meat Friend is here with today's lesson... how to make it look like an accident!

The-ALTER-Tapes Logo.png

THE ALTER TAPES: A Weekly Dissection Of Short Horror Films

Horror shorts with a new pair of co-hosts each week!

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Heart In The Art: YOU'RE DEAD HELEN Exclusive Trailer Debut

Supernatural horror romantic comedy shortlisted for an Academy Award with a feature-length adaptation produced by Sam Raimi in the works.


Anna Zlokovic’s Short APPENDAGE Currently Screening At Sundance, Set For Feature-Length Adaptation

Hulu is developing nine horror features from their "Bite Size Halloween" short film series.