Exclusive: Debby Friday Wishes Us GOOD LUCK

Explore the dark side of coming of age in this short film companion piece to Friday's new album.

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RINGWORMS: A Gamble, Some Goop, And A Possibly Haunted Production

Filmmaker Will Lee shares some tales from the set of his award-winning short.


Tatiana Maslany And Misha Osherovich Are Getting SNATCHED Up By Festivals

From Cinequest to Overlook, Michael Schwartz's "disco horror" is hitting the fest floor.


2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Shorts Week Presents: "Blink"

Sophie Thatcher vs... well, come see for yourself.


2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Shorts Week Presents: "Close Your Eyes"

This is a great one to watch with your roommates.


2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Shorts Week Presents: "O, Glory!"

O, dear! Follow us into the countryside for a bit of abstract madness.


2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Shorts Week Presents: "Meat Friend"

Meet a sentient pile of murderous hamburger meat.


2023 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards Shorts Week Presents: "Guts"

This guys really wears his guts on his... torso.


EVERY HOUSE IS HAUNTED Slated For SXSW Midnight Shorts Premiere

Bryce McGuire's short is in good company!

GUTS Still 1

GUTS: Watch Chris McInroy's New Stomach-Churning Short

The grizly horror-comedy debuted at Fantastic Fest earlier this year.


BAD ACID: Do They Have Aerobics In Hell?

This short film is taking us to the '80s via a hallucinogenic hell port.

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ALTER: Watch Niall Shukla's A DOLL DISTORTED

Haphephobia: an intense fear of being touched.

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Hulu's BITE SIZE HALLOWEEN Is Back! And Season 3 Is A Doozy

20 short films including the likes of Tatiana Maslany, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Kate Nash, and more!


Popcorn Frights Announces Third Wave Of Programming

Featuring 77 short films from 20 countries.

COTTONMOUTH - Heather Langenkamp 5

Something Is After Heather Langenkamp in COTTONMOUTH

The iconic actress is once again fending off something in her room at night in this award-winning short.