EXCLUSIVE: Watch Nancy Lin's Short Horror Comedy "Dante Falls"

Asian representation and a little bit of saving the world.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · October 19, 2021, 2:37 PM EDT
Dante Falls POSTER.jpg

When you're a ghostsitter, but you've also got anniversary plans and a possessed best friend to wrestle away from the demonic-powers-that-be in order to save the world and the whole of humanity. Teenager Nova Dante certainly has her hands full in director Nancy Lin's new short, "Dante Falls" premiering exclusively on ALTER. Check out what Lin had to say about inspiration and representation:

I love ghost mythologies and so many cultures have their own take on it. I wanted to combine that in a comedy with an Asian-American female lead and thus, "Dante Falls" was born. "Dante Falls" is meant to carve out a space for Asian-Americans in horror/action roles. As a kid, I had only seen Asian-Americans in very stereotypical roles: the nerd, the 'sexy Asian girl,' etc. Asian-American women need to have role models in media that they can relate to, look up to, and not be fetishized or marginalized; to not be afraid of finding their own voice. "Dante Falls" is a step towards that goal.

Watch the full premiere of "Dante Falls" below:

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