Exclusive: PREY FOR THE DEVIL Specialty Art By Joyce Lee

Bringing a modern exorcist to life.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · October 27, 2022, 3:26 PM EDT

Prey For The Devil hits theaters just in time for Halloween, we love a good play on words and I'm not above sleeping with the lights on after getting the hell scared out of me with a good 'ol fashioned possession story. The twist here though is that Sister Ann gets in on the exorcism action. As the church appoints priests as exorcists, it's typically men who get to have all the fun. We don't have a slew of movies about the likes of St. Catherine of Siena and her exorcism exploits, so Sister Ann's on-screen journey is a welcome one. Fitting that a movie about a gifted female exorcist would celebrate the work of a gifted female artist.

Joyce Lee created the below specialty art. A native of Seoul Korea, Joyce prefers to work with watercolors and colored pencils, and enjoys exploring the humanistic (and sometimes humorous) aspects of love and sexuality through the symbolism of the human body itself. Known for her work around Catholic iconography and surrealism, Joyce's art works as a nice thematic tie to Prey For The Devil's main character Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers), bringing a modern exorcist to life.


Check out that nice little touch of the rosary 'round the leather fingerless glove detail and that Malignant-esque are two heads better than one? moment happening here. Fusing the traditional habit with elements of modern garb with the hoodie, and that fingerless glove giving Sister Ann a bit of a punk rock vibe. Take a look at the official synopsis below and scroll for an exclusive peek at some previously unreleased stills from the film.

Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) believes she is answering a calling to be the first female exorcist… but who, or what, called her?  In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, Ann seeks out a place at an exorcism school reopened by the Catholic Church. Until now these schools have only trained priests in the Rite of Exorcism – but a professor (Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her. Thrust onto the spiritual frontline with fellow student Father Dante (Christian Navarro), Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl, who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago. Determined to root out the evil, Ann soon realizes the Devil has her right where he wants her.







Prey For The Devil posseses theaters October 28th. Stay tuned for interviews with director Daniel Stamm and stars Jacqueline Byers and Christian Navarro.