Twisted Splatter Comedy DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS Hits Shudder Next Month

Starring Alex Winter and Jonah Ray Rodrigues!

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · December 5, 2023, 9:25 AM PST

Today brings good news for fans of splattery horror comedies: Josh Forbes' Destroy All Neighbors, starring the great Alex Winter (Freaked, The Lost Boys) and Jonah Ray Rodrigues (Mystery Science Theater 3000), is headed to Shudder next month, and to mark the occasion they've dropped an awesome new poster on us.

First, please enjoy this official plot synopsis:

"William Brown (Jonah Ray Rodrigues), a neurotic, self-absorbed musician determined to finish his prog-rock magnum opus, faces a creative roadblock in the form of a noisy and grotesque neighbor named Vlad (Alex Winter). Finally working up the nerve to demand that Vlad keep it down, William inadvertently decapitates him. But, while attempting to cover up one murder, William’s accidental reign of terror causes victims to pile up and become undead corpses who torment and create more bloody detours on his road to prog-rock Valhalla. DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS is a twisted splatter-comedy about a deranged journey of self-discovery full of goopy practical FX, a well-known ensemble cast, and LOTS of blood."

Sounds like our kinda movie! Also, it's particularly fun to see Winter back in the "grotesque horror comedy" genre all these years after Freaked (1993). Here's hoping that Destroy All Neighbors captures a little bit of that film's anarchic charm.

Now let's look at the poster...


Gorgeous work! We like everything going on here, and can't wait to get a look at the trailer (which, given the film's January 12th arrival date on Shudder, oughtta be along any day now).

In addition to Winter and Rodrigues, Destroy All Neighbors also features Kiran Deol, Christian Calloway, Randee Heller, DeMorge Brown, Jon Daly, Phil Hendrie, Ryan Kattner, and Thomas Lennon. All of them are working from a screenplay by Charles Pieper and Jared Logan, and we expect all of them to crush it.

Nothing further to report on Destroy All Neighbors at this time, but rest assured that we'll have further updates for you just as soon as they roll in. And hey, if you're interested to learn more about Forbes' film, be aware that the next issue of FANGORIA Magazine will include an exclusive Destroy All Neighbors set visit report! What a perfect reason to buy yourself an early Christmas present in the form of a subscription to the mag!