Christopher Abbott Will Headline Leigh Whannell's WOLF MAN

And it'll be here just in time for Halloween.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · December 13, 2023, 1:44 PM EST

A long, long time ago, Ryan Gosling was attached to headline Leigh Whannell's Wolf Man, a presumably modern riff on the classic Universal Monsters story. Somewhere along the line Gosling stopped being attached to the project, and at that point it seemed like Whannell's latest wouldn't be going forward. Indeed, an entirely new director (Derek Cianfrance) was brought in! That seemed like the end of that.

But today brings a change of plans.

According to the press release in our inbox, Blumhouse has dated Leigh Whannell's Wolf Man for October 25th, 2024. What's more, the project has gained a new leading man in the form of Possessor and Sanctuary star Christopher Abbott (Gosling has stayed onboard the film as an executive producer, it's worth noting).

So, what's Whannell's Wolf Man about? Says THR:

"Plot details are being kept on the dark side of the moon but the mysterious story is now focused on a man whose family is being terrorized by a lethal predator."

With Whannell at the helm, we're guessing that things will be a bit more complicated than that (see also: Whannell's excellent and surprising Invisible Man). Who knows what curveballs Whannell and co-writer Corbett Tuck's screenplay (which was also co-written by Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo) might contain? Not us, but we're certainly excited to find out.

Nothing further to report on Whannell's Wolf Man at this time, but rest assured we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates. Stay tuned for those as they roll in, folks.