According to a new report at Deadline, Happy Death Day director Chris Landon has lined up a new feature that he will helm for Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes, a “fast-paced thriller” by the name of Drop, which will star White Lotus‘ Meghann Fahy.

As of this writing, that’s almost literally everything we know about Drop … except for this:

Alright, so that’s three things we know about Drop: it’s a “fast-paced thriller,” it will star Meghann Fahy, and it’s Landon’s “love letter to De Palma.” The first and second things are fairly self-explanatory, but that third one, the “love letter to De Palma” bit, well, that could mean any number of things. Maybe Drop will be unspeakably horny. Maybe it’ll involve an absurd number of split screens, or a lady wearing a wig and sunglasses, or be positively dripping with paranoia. There’s really no telling, but we’re curious to find out!

Drop‘s script was written by Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach. It will be produced by Michael Bay, Jason Blum, Brad Fuller and Cameron Fuller. Technically that’s two more things we know about Drop, but let’s face it: neither are the sort of thing one might be able to build a paragraph’s worth of speculative riffing around, so let’s go ahead and wrap this bad boy up.

No word on when we’ll get to see Drop (if there were, we’d certainly have included it somewhere above), but rest assured that we’ll keep you informed on Chris Landon’s latest as updates roll in. Stay tuned, folks!

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