Courtesy of WETA WORKSHOP LTD Mia Goth Pearl X Makeup

Too Old To F**K: SeX Positivity In X

Use it or lose it. Ti West gives us a new hagsploitation icon in the elderly (and entirely horny) Pearl.


IRL Zombie Apocalypse: Fango Field Trip To THE LIVING DEAD Museum

Taking you inside a George A. Romero tribute museum located in DAWN OF THE DEAD's Monroeville Mall.


"A One-Woman Sodom And Gomorrah": Elvira And The Reclamation Of Sexy Horror Branding

Fango unpacks (with the help of one Diana Prince) how the Mistress of the Dark sparked a sexual revolution in the genre.


THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE: An Interview With The Filmmakers And Stars Of Netflix's New Horror Movie

You are your own worst enemy.

scream 4 kirby.jpeg

Wanted: More Horror-Loving Ladies Like SCREAM 4’s Kirby

Ten years later to the day, we demand justice for Kirby!