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Monsterpiece Theater Part Five: A Conversation With Quinton Boisclair (The Angel, MIDNIGHT MASS)

Angel to some, demon to others. Playing with mysterious origins and navigating those massive wings.


Monsterpiece Theater Part Four: A Conversation With Marina Mazepa (Gabriel, MALIGNANT)

From AMERICA'S GOT TALENT to Wan's MALIGNANT, how Marina Mazepa contorted into one of the most iconic creatures of the year.


Coming Home For The Horror-Days: Celebrating 15 Years Of BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006)

He's home.


Monsterpiece Theater Part Three: A Conversation with Dorian Kingi (Antlered Man, ANTLERS)

From starting out in stunts at 11 years old to doubling for Doug Jones, now Kingi is blazing a trail through wendigos and beyond.


Monsterpiece Theater Part Two: A Conversation With Matthew Ninaber (Psycho Goreman, PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN)

Hunky boys assemble! PG himself discusses the mental aspects of creature performance and coming dangerously close to getting sick in the suit!


Monsterpiece Theater Part One: A Conversation With Thiago Dos Santos (Raatma, V/H/S/94)

Hail Raatma! From WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS to CHANNEL ZERO and beyond: how a background as a trained dancer set the stage for creature performance.


Just A Bit Of Child's Play: FX Artists Fran├žois Dagenais And Tenille Shockey On Fiona Dourif's Mind-Blowing Transformation For CHUCKY

Fiona? Brad? Fiona.

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Mutant Madness: FX Legend Robert Kurtzman Discusses BLACK FRIDAY

Plus exclusive behind-the-scenes transformation photos!


Creature Corner: Legacy Effects' Shane Mahan Discusses Bringing the Wendigo to the Big Screen for ANTLERS

Plus tons of behind-the-scenes photos of the creature creation!


Spectral Motion's Kevin McTurk Discusses Bringing Gabriel to Life for James Wan's MALIGNANT


Stakes on a Plane: Creating the Vamptastic Thriller BLOOD RED SKY with Producer Benjamin Munz and Special FX Legend Mark Coulier

From greenlit to grounded, and back again.


Giving Up The Ghost(s): The Frightful/Delightful FX Of SCROOGED

As we mourn Richard Donner's passing, we revisit an old favorite.


The Decade's Best FX

As the '20s wrap up, what were some of their best special effects?