Invoking Yell Still 2

Welcome Villain Acquires Chilean Found Footage Horror INVOKING YELL

Black metal, Spanish-language found footage, and a killer demo.


MALUM's Anthony DiBlasi And Jessica Sula On Creating A Bigger (And Bloodier) World

LAST SHIFT reimagined with the help of Russel FX and expanded lore.


Bigger And Bloodier: Expanding Mythology From LAST SHIFT To MALUM

Director Anthony DiBlasi on rebooting his own movie with the budget and marketing campaign it rightly deserves.


Let The Ritual Begin: MALUM Trailer Delivers The Evil Mischevous Goods

It's gonna be a long night.

MALUM_New Still_Bloody

Our First Look At MALUM Teases A Bloody Nightmare

Welcome Villain Films' LAST SHIFT reimagining will hit theaters this spring.