The SALEM'S LOT Movie Is Officially Rated R, Will Bring The Blood And Violence

The MPAA has given the SALEM'S LOT an R rating, signaling that the film is in the can and just needs a release date from Warner Bros.

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Stephen King's THE REGULATORS Is Becoming A Movie

Bohemia Group is looking to turn THE REGULATORS, one of Stephen King's Richard Bachman novels, into a feature film.


That CHILDREN OF THE CORN Remake Might Finally Be Released This Fall

A long-awaited (and completed) remake of Stephen King's CHILDREN OF THE CORN may finally see the light of day in the near future.



The official graphic novel adaptation of the horror novel by Stephen King and Owen King concludes in this interpretation of the best-selling novel.


Duffer Brothers Do Stephen King Upside Down

The brothers Duffer of STRANGER THINGS fame are joining forces with Hilary Leavitt to launch new production company. STRANGER THINGS spinoff and THE TALISMAN adaptation on the roster. Cropped

'SALEM'S LOT Movie Tie-In Paperback Offers First Look At The Remake, Check It out

At long last, we have some sort of proof that the 'SALEM'S LOT remake is indeed on the way in the form of a new tie-in version of Stephen King's novel.


IT Prequel Series WELCOME TO DERRY Is Officially In The Works

Warner Bros. is developing a show called WELCOME TO DERRY taking place in the world of Stephen King’s IT for HBO Max.


Exclusive: GWENDY'S FINAL TASK Stephen King And Richard Chizmar Interview

Gwendy Peterson is heading to Derry.


Stephen King Is Coming To THE KINGCAST!

"Those beautiful sonsabitches did it." - Phil Nobile Jr.


Stephen King’s THE BOOGEYMAN Movie Is Now Filming For Hulu

Director Rob Savage is tackling an adaptation of THE BOOGEYMAN for 20th Century Studios and Hulu with a stacked cast on board.


Stephen King’s FIRESTARTER Remake Hits Theaters and Peacock This Summer, Here Are All The Details

In a surprise move, FIRESTARTER, which stars Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong, is going to be given a day-and-date release by Universal and Blumhouse as part of the summer movie season.


Listen To The Trailer For Stephen King's STRAWBERRY SPRING Podcast

Brand new King scripted podcast drops in September!


Pam Grier Just Joined Paramount’s PET SEMATARY Prequel

They had our curiosity. Now they have our attention.