From final girls to zero boys…


Slash By Slash: How Mia Goth's Pearl Stacks Up Against Other Slasher Debuts

In honor of PEARL releasing in theaters, we're looking at X and other first entries in slasher franchises to see how the kill counts stack up.


KILLER CAMP Reality Series Getting New Adaptation At Amazon Prime Video

The folks at Amazon Prime Video are filming a new Dutch adaptation of KILLER CAMP, a horror-based reality competition series.


Exploring Clothing As Costume And Armor In STUDENT BODY: Threads of Fear

You can't go back in time to give your teenage self some sage advice... but you can make a movie about it.

Last of the Grads.png

Watch The Trailer For New Slasher LAST OF THE GRADS

The Coast to Coast Killer slashes through a killer party.


Watch This Clip From Upcoming STUDENT BODY

New slasher starring Harley Quinn Smith set for February 2022

halloween 1978.jpeg

HAVE YOU SEEN ME Author Alexandrea Weis Shares Favorite Slashers

friday the 13th.jpg

Taking Comfort In Summertime Slashers

When the temperature rises, so does the body count.

Slumber Party Massacre.jpg

SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE Too: Slasher Remake Heads To SyFy

If they don't use the tagline "You know the drill," fire everyone.

amandla stenberg.jpeg

Consider Our Interest Piqued For A24's "Secret Slasher Film"

Titled, awesomely: BODIES, BODIES, BODIES.


The Lost Ending Of APRIL FOOL'S DAY

And in defense of the theatrical ending.