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Capcom Confirms More RESIDENT EVIL Remakes Are Coming

The next title to be remade remains a mystery, but fans have long been hopeful for a remake of RESIDENT EVIL - CODE: VERONICA.


RESIDENT EVIL 4 Remake Coming To VR On The PS5 In December

The new VR mode for the acclaimed game will allow you to step into Leon S. Kennedy’s shoes.


The RESIDENT EVIL Games Just Crossed A Major Milestone

Capcom has updated sales figures for the RESIDENT EVIL series and it continues to be a juggernaut.

Resident Evil Death Island

RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND Writer Would Love To Take The Carnage To Antarctica

Leon, Jill, and Claire take on Alcatraz in the latest RE animated feature, but how about a little AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS action?


RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND Trailer Brings Zombies To Alcatraz

The CGI animated feature arrives direct-to-video this summer.

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An Animated R-Rated RESIDENT EVIL Movie Is Coming This Summer

Sony’s RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND seemingly came out of nowhere.

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The RESIDENT EVIL 4 Remake Gets A New Trailer And Game Mode

Capcom is adding THE MERCENARIES as DLC for the game for free post-launch.



Capcom has released a trailer previewing the RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE GOLD EDITION, which is available now.

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Zombie School: I Was A Zombie For George A. Romero!

In 1998, George A. Romero directed a RESIDENT EVIL 2 commercial, take a behind-the-scenes peek at a night on set.


RESIDENT EVIL 2, 3, 7 And VILLAGE Are All Finally Coming To The Nintendo Switch

During the recent Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that four major RESIDENT EVIL games are coming to the Switch soon.

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Cocalero Clásico X RESIDENT EVIL: INFINITE DARKNESS Special Edition Bottle

This INFINITE DARKNESS collaboration is infinitely cool.


The RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Has Sold 10 Million Copies

Capcom’s 2019 remake of RESIDENT EVIL has performed incredibly well commercially, ranking as one of the best-selling games in the series.


Small Screen, Big Horror In Netflix's New RESIDENT EVIL Series

Producer and stars of Netflix's RESIDENT EVIL chat taking inspiration from the original games, and telling a narrative through two timelines.


Netflix Brings The Zombie Goods In New RESIDENT EVIL Teaser And Photos

With the release just around the corner, Netflix has shared some new glimpses at the upcoming live-action RESIDENT EVIL series.


RESIDENT EVIL 4 Remake Finally Confirmed For 2023, Check Out The Trailer

Capcom has confirmed that RESIDENT EVIL 4 is getting the remake treatment during Sony’s State of Play event.