GARGOYLES TV Show In The Works From James Wan's Atomic Monster

The Disney+ show will mark another collaboration between Wan and ANNABELLE writer Gary Dauberman.


The First NIGHT SWIM Trailer Teases A Deadly Game Of Marco Polo

"No running. No diving. No lifeguard on duty. No swimming after dark."


THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST Docuseries Tackles One Of The Most Infamous Hauntings Of All Time

A brand-new trailer for Apple TV+'s forthcoming documentary series has arrived.


Jason Blum And James Wan On Returning INSIDIOUS To Its RED DOOR Roots

The producing pair are back to take us into the Further one more time.


THE CONJURING 4 May Conclude The Franchise, Suggests James Wan

The franchise shepherd is currently working on THE CONJURING 4, but is that going to be it for the Warrens on the big screen?


Holy S***: Blumhouse Is Looking To Merge With James Wan’s Atomic Monster

A bombshell deal looks to be brewing between Jason Blum and James Wan, which could mean huge things for horror fans in the near future.

Nun2 (1)

THE NUN 2 Has Officially Kicked Off Filming, As Confirmed By James Wan

Warner Bros. and New Line have officially kicked off production on THE NUN 2, which is set to hit theaters next fall.


Horror Master James Wan Producing KING KONG Live-Action Series For Disney+

Disney+ is in the early stages of development on a new KING KONG TV show based on Merian C. Cooper's famous creation.


COSMETIC: R.H. Norman And Micheline Pitt Join Forces With Atomic Monster

New body horror on the horizon from the minds of James Wan and Ingrid Bisu, with Norman and Pitt set to write/direct.


ARACHNOPHOBIA Remake Happening With FREAKY Director Christopher Landon

James Wan has partnered with Christopher Landon for a new take on ARACHNOPHOBIA for Amblin.


A MALIGNANT Sequel? Director James Wan Says There's A Bigger World To Explore

While nothing is remotely set in stone, James Wan reveals that he has the larger world of MALIGNANT mapped out.


Spectral Motion's Kevin McTurk Discusses Bringing Gabriel to Life for James Wan's MALIGNANT


The Music of MALIGNANT: A Conversation with Composer Joseph Bishara


SAW X, You Say? A Tenth Film Of The Franchise Is In Development

We love a round number round here.


Warner Bros. Benches THE TRENCH

Blockbuster aquatic horror, why must you elude us?