SKINAMARINK Director Kyle Edward Ball On Crafting Homegrown Horror

Discussing art film influences, the emotional side of horror, and the uncanniness of shooting a movie in your childhood home.

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Martin Lawrence On Chasing Down A Copycat Murderer In MINDCAGE

The devil is in the details.


Crafting The Sound Of The Great Plains With ​​PREY Composer Sarah Schachner

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The Näcken Origins Of NIX: Interview With Director Anthony C. Ferrante

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Exclusive Interview: Masters Of Anthologies With Mick Garris And Reece Shearsmith

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Exclusive Interview: Kevin Bacon Goes Back To Camp For A Very Different Slasher Scenario In THEY/THEM

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Small Screen, Big Horror In Netflix's New RESIDENT EVIL Series

Producer and stars of Netflix's RESIDENT EVIL chat taking inspiration from the original games, and telling a narrative through two timelines.


FLUX GOURMET: Peter Strickland on Art, Farts, Fandom and Freedom

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Exclusive: The Future Of Film Is Female YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER Panel

Writer/Director Kate Dolan, Caryn Coleman, along with Emma Tammi, and Laura Casabe discuss Dolan's new Irish horror tale.


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Nathalie Biancheri Talks Authenticity Among Species In WOLF

Exploring species dysphoria in Biancheri's sophomore film.

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Exclusive Interview: Director Amber Sealey And Stars Elijah Wood And Luke Kirby On NO MAN OF GOD, Part Two