Exclusive: Christina Ricci Is Here To Get MONSTROUS, Daddy-O

Ricci's three-step guide to getting through a haunting, bringing the perspective of motherhood to horror, and more.

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Exclusive: The Future Of Film Is Female YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER Panel

Writer/Director Kate Dolan, Caryn Coleman, along with Emma Tammi, and Laura Casabe discuss Dolan's new Irish horror tale.


Exclusive Interview: Actors Jocelin Donahue and Joe Swanberg On The Isolated Horrors Of OFFSEASON

Bringing OFFSEASON's emotional center to life amidst strikingly scary landscapes.


Nathalie Biancheri Talks Authenticity Among Species In WOLF

Exploring species dysphoria in Biancheri's sophomore film.

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Exclusive Interview: Director Amber Sealey And Stars Elijah Wood And Luke Kirby On NO MAN OF GOD, Part Two

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Let’s Score Todd To Death: July 2021

An exclusive conversation with Kevin Bergeron, co-founder of Waxwork Records.

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Speaking with Harvey Guillén from the recent ensemble horror comedy.


Mommy Madness: Director John Lee And Star Pierce Brosnan Talk FALSE POSITIVE

"Elegant, disturbing, elliptical and jagged" – that's how Brosnan describes Lee's new horror film, now streaming on Hulu.

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Mishna Wolff On Writing WEREWOLVES WITHIN

Where Wolff? Here Wolff!

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Child Of DARK SHADOWS: The Outtakes!

In Issue 11, DARK SHADOWS' David Henesy opened up to his former co-star, and we saved some compelling tidbits just for you.

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"Born Ready For Those Possession Scenes": Talking With THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT's Julian Hilliard

The budding scream king opens up!

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Tribeca ’21 Exclusive: Director John Lee On The Birth Of FALSE POSITIVE

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Decolonizing A Proto-Genre: Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia On MEXICAN GOTHIC

The gothic horror novel that blew readers away last year is available in paperback TODAY. Read it, and read this interview.

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Tribeca ’21 Exclusive: Director Amber Sealey And Stars Elijah Wood And Luke Kirby On NO MAN OF GOD


A Reason to Stay: Director Damian Mc Carthy on CAVEAT

The director of Shudder's latest talks his fantastic and unusual new film.