Beau is Afraid

BEAU IS AFRAID Is Very Much A Movie Made By The Guy Who Took A Little Girl's Head Off

Ari Aster assures us, and more from the BEAU director and star Joaquin Phoenix.

Beau is Afraid

New BEAU IS AFRAID Trailer Has Plenty Of Mommy Issues

Ari Aster's nightmare odyssey begins in theaters on April 21.


BEAU IS AFRAID In New Preview Of Ari Aster’s Latest Movie

The director of HEREDITARY and MIDSOMMAR is back for more in April.

Beau is Afraid

Ari Aster's Depraved BEAU IS AFRAID Trailer Is Here

We're having trouble differentiating between reality and fantasy and it looks EPIC.

Beau is Afraid

BEAU IS AFRAID: A24 Reveal First Look At Ari Aster's New Feature

The HEREDITARY director's 'nightmare comedy' will be released next year.