THE STRANGERS Reboot Trilogy Coming In 2024 From Lionsgate

Director Renny Harlin will reveal a first look at the new films at New York Comic Con in October.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · September 8, 2023, 11:27 PM EDT
StrangersTopper Cropped
Image courtesy of Aviron Pictures

Buckle up, because The Strangers is getting a reboot in 2024. Mind you, not just one film, but an entire new trilogy based on Bryan Bertino’s modern home invasion horror classic. Indeed, the folks at Lionsgate have confirmed that the trilogy will be released next year, and we’re going to get our first look at what’s in store next month during New York Comic Con. That means we’re probably going to get a lot more information (and maybe even a trailer?) soon but, for now, we have a tiny glimpse at the films thanks to the newly-launched Twitter account.

Admittedly, not a lot there, as we just have one of the infamous trio of killers peeking through a window. More than anything, it’s an excuse to tee up the NYCC panel, which will feature director Renny Harlin, of Deep Blue Sea and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 fame, in attendance. While specific release dates for each installment haven’t been unveiled, this seems to confirm that all three entries in the new trilogy will hit theaters in 2024. We got word in November of last year that filming had wrapped on at least the first installment. At the time, a synopsis was also revealed, which reads as follows:

“The remake centers on a couple (Madelaine Petsch and Froy Gutierrez) who drive cross-country to begin a new life in the Pacific Northwest. When their car breaks down in Venus, Oregon, they’re forced to spend the night in a secluded Airbnb, where they are terrorized from dusk till dawn by three masked strangers.”

The Strangers (2008)

To date, two movies have been produced within the franchise. There’s Bertino’s original, which starred Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a troubled couple who wind up being terrorized by a trio of masked slashers. It was wildly successful at the time, taking in $83 million at the box office against a mere $9 million budget. Then there’s The Strangers: Prey at Night, which arrived a full decade later in 2018. It was a more modest hit, earning $32 million against a $5 million budget. Clearly, Lionsgate has a lot of faith in the series as they’re straight-up tripling down on the franchise. Optimistically, that means Harlin has one heck of a story to tell.


Look for The Strangers trilogy in 2024 and keep your ears open for specifics during the NYCC panel on October 12.