THE LAST DRIVE-IN with Joe Bob Briggs

How does the new season of The Last Drive-In work? For the last five seasons, Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl (Diana Prince) have come into our homes every Friday night to serve up a drive-in double feature. The new season is changing the format, and it seems there is some confusion about this, so we’re helping Joe Bob and Darcy out with a little PSA of how it’s going down for The Last Drive-In season 6.

Here’s a quick rundown answering some FAQ about the new season: how many movies to expect each episode, when to watch The Last Drive-Inand more.

A brief breakdown of the new format:

  • A single movie every other week. That’s a new episode every 14 days.
  • The March 15 premiere was a Roger Corman double feature because it was a special.
  • There will be no more double features during the regular season.
  • However , The Last Drive-In specials could be double, triple, quadruple features or whole ass marathons.
  • Joe Bob has confirmed we are getting six more movies in season 6 than we did in past seasons.

The second episode of The Last Drive-In season 6 airs March 29. This will be the beginning of the new format. And we’ll get another episode (with one movie) in two more weeks.

Joe Bob took to social media to share this handy graphic of The Last-Drive-In schedule for season 6.

THE LAST DRIVE-IN with JOE BOB BRIGGS Season 6 schedule

In a recent FANGORIA interview, Joe Bob shared we may have a summer marathon on the horizon along with “Comfort Food Night” to look forward to. Judging from Joe Bob’s hand-written schedule breakdown for season 6, it looks like we have some good stuff in store.

Explaining the Comfort Food theme, Joe Bob said, “I’ve picked what I think is the comfort food movie of the ’80s. It’s comfort food for people who were in the ’80s, but also a comfort food movie for people who just love the ’80s, and we’ll see if people agree. It’s a movie that everybody has seen, or at least everybody in our world has seen. It’s still kind of politically incorrect and controversial after all these years, but you watch it because… I don’t know why you watch it.”

What do you suppose they’re planning for “Explosive Labor Day Hijinks?”

Joe Bob also posted a video on his Instagram account, breaking down the new season and walking us through the new format.

Hopefully that clears up some questions about this season’s new format and release schedule. Mark your calendars, and for more with Joe Bob Briggs, check out our recent interview all about season 6 and Joe Bob’s mission to bring Walpurgisnacht to the masses. Watch new episodes of The Last Drive-In on Shudder.

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