Rebekah McKendry's ELEVATOR GAME Heading To Shudder

The GLORIOUS director takes on one of the Internet's favorite urban legends.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · April 13, 2023, 4:07 PM EDT
Heather Beckstead Photography/Shudder

Deadline have revealed today that Fango fam Rebekah McKendry's Elevator Game, a horror based on the online phenomenon of the same name, has been picked up by Shudder and AMC+ for an as-of-now unknown release date.

Here's the plot synopsis for the spooky-sounding Elevator Game:

It follows socially awkward teenager Ryan, who ingratiates himself into a group of recent high school graduates that run an online web series debunking urban legends to find his sister, who disappeared months earlier, probably while taking the dangerous challenge. Playing the game involves riding the elevator in a specific sequence to invoke a supernatural creature called ‘The 5th Floor Woman.’

Written by Travis Seppala (Captive), Elevator Game stars Gino Anania (Skymed), Alec Carlos (Orphan: First Kill), Megan Best (Séance), Nazariy Demkowicz (Dark Harvest), Verity Marks (Toys of Terror), Liam Stewart-Kanigan (Orphan: First Kill), Madison MacIsaac and Samantha Halas.

The actual elevator game is said to date back to 2008 on the Japanese website 2channel, although some sources trace it back to South Korea. Wherever it originated, the game is now played globally by thrill-seekers, online paranormal investigators or just anyone who fancies exploring alternate ghost dimensions on their lunch break.


In a statement to Deadline, the Glorious director had this to say about her own experiences with the online urban legend:

“It was several years ago when I first read about ‘The Elevator Game online, and I was immediately intrigued by the rules, curse, and ‘The 5th Floor Woman [...] For me, this well-known internet legend was an exciting and chilling entrance into a modern-day ghost story. But if you want to open the door to the other side, you must follow all the rules. Go to the floors in order, don’t open your eyes, and whatever you do, don’t speak to her. Now let’s start by going to 4.”

Originally due from Megan Is Missing director Michael Goi, McKendry took over the supernatural horror last year before production began in Canada. Deadline tells us that Ed Elbert and Stefan Brunner of Fearworks produced the film in association with James Norrie of AMP, Buffalo Gal Pictures, Head Gear Films and Metrol Technology.

Needless to say, we're incredibly excited for Elevator Game, and will be reporting back with updates as and when we get them!