Pluto TV, home of hundreds of free horror movies (and FANGORIA’s Terror Tuesdays) is serving up another treat this month in a collaboration with SpectreVision co-founders Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah who have curated a special movie marathon of their favorite horror and psychological movies for your viewing pleasure. It’s all going down on Wednesday, October 18th on the Pluto TV Cult Films channel. Every good marathon has a theme, and SpectreVision is going with “Ladies’ Night,” celebrating women lead horror. The marathon kicks off at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, Wood and Noah will host a live stream-along on SpectreVision’s Instagram so viewers can watch along and hear special commentary.

As an added bonus, Pluto TV and SpectreVision have also teamed up for a FREE in-person screening in Los Angeles on October 17th at 7:30pm. Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah will introduce the screening with opening remarks before a special screening of SpectreVision’s action-packed, blood-soaked, Nicolas Cage-tastic 2018 horror film, Mandy, at beloved non-profit theater Vidiots. Tickets can be reserved online on the Vidiots website.

Check out the full list of October 18th’s Movie Marathon Titles: 

  • The Babadook
  • Beyond The Black Rainbow
  • Carnival Of Souls
  • Goodnight Mommy
  • The Love Witch
  • The Hitch-Hiker
  • The Invitation
  • Let The Right One In

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