Mélanie Laurent in OXYGEN.

Today Netflix released the full trailer for Alexandre Aja’s new horror sci-fi hybrid Oxygen, starring Mélanie Laurent in what has got to be one of the most uncomfortable lead roles in recent memory. Take a look:

Aja, of course, has an abundance of horror cred thanks to his films like Haute Tension, Crawl, Piranha 3D and the 2006 The Hills Have Eyes remake, but Oxygen is his first real foray into science fiction. With Laurent’s Liz waking in a pod with no memory of her past life as a cryogenic scientist and only 90 minutes to rediscover her identity and make her escape before the O of the title runs out, there’s plenty to mine here in both the sci-fi and horror shades of the spectrum. Oxygen also marks the French filmmaker’s first French-language film since Haute Tension.

Oxygen hits Netflix on May 12. Check out the poster:


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