Rretro indie horror RPG World of Horror inspired by legendary mangaka Junji Ito has finally landed a full 1.0 version after being only available via early access or demo since 2017.

The first horror game from Panstasz, a one-man studio based in Poland, and publisher Ysbryd Games is now officially available on desktops worldwide via Steam, GOG, itch io, and Microsoft Store, plus console versions in North America and Europe as of today, October 26.

If you’re not one of the lucky few to already have played World of Horror, here’s the official plot synopsis and play style via press release:

The Old Gods have risen from another dimension and otherworldly horrors begin their invasion of a quiet, seaside Japanese town. Uncover the truth across 16 mysteries infested with randomly generated encounters and white-knuckle turn-based combat. Survive tense showdowns with creatures that defy belief. Practice dark rituals, scavenge for makeshift weapons, and fight to keep your health and sanity intact.
Deeply customizable and endlessly replayable, WORLD OF HORROR offers a host of difficulty levels and experiences tailored for every kind of player. Beyond the main narrative, craft new monsters and events with mod support. Tweak parameters and possible events to generate endless eldritch tales.

The game also boasts a uniquely crafted 1-bit world inspired by vintage Macintosh graphics and drawn in Microsoft Paint, for a real uncanny valley feel. In their review, Kotaku referred to the game as “ominously enigmatic”, with subtle scares that evoke the best of Japanese horror.

Pawel Kozminski, founder of Panstasz, spoke on the game’s long-awaited wide availability:

“Reaching the end of development on WORLD OF HORROR has become a massive achievement years in the making, and a journey I do not regret for even a second […] The path, of course, doesn’t end here. I cannot wait to see what new mysteries descend upon Shiokawa through the PC modding community and what journeys I take next.”

World of Horror is now available worldwide on PC and macOS for $19.99, and for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 (via backwards compatibility) in Japan at an equivalent price. Versions are available from toys for the same price in North America and Europe on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 (via backwards compatibility). More information on the game’s availability can be found at the official World of Horror website.

If you’re not already convinced to check out this Lovecraftian nightmare game, here’s a trailer to tease and terrify ya!:

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