Jordan Peele’s New Movie Departs Christmas 2024 Release Date

The filmmaker’s latest will no longer released directly against Robert Eggers’ NOSFERATU remake.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · December 21, 2023, 3:25 PM PST
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Image courtesy of Paramount

Jordan Peele fans will no longer be getting a Christmas gift from the filmmaker next year. While we know right next to nothing about the film in question, we know that Peele is, indeed, working on his fourth feature directorial effort. It had previously been set to arrive in theaters on Christmas Day in 2024. Now, it has been removed from Universal Pictures’ release calendar, per World of Reel.

It’s unclear why, precisely, Universal decided to remove the film from its December 25, 2024 release date. Given that the movie doesn’t even have a title or cast (that we know of) yet, it’s not as though it’s something the studio needs to address publicly. What remains in question now is when the movie will actually make its way to screens. Is it going to be sooner than expected? Or are we going to have to wait until 2025? That remains to be seen.

One thing that may have factored into the decision is the fact that director Robert Eggers’ much-anticipated Nosferatu remake is due to hit theaters on December 25 next year. It’s entirely possible that Universal didn’t want to find itself in the midst of a showdown between two of the genre’s most beloved filmmakers. Sure, it could have turned into a Barbenheimer of sorts for horror fans, but why risk either movie cannibalizing the other? Spread the love.

2024 may not be devoid of Peele’s handiwork entirely. He has several projects in the works through his company Monekypaw Productions, one of which is a mystery film currently slated for September 27, 2024. No indication as to what that could be, but Peele is working on a remake of The People Under the Stairs, among other things. But that would be him serving a producer, rather than in the director’s chair.

Peele is a man who likes to maintain a certain air of mystery around his projects for as long as possible. So, regardless of the release date, we may not learn much about the film until closer to its eventual arrival. It will serve as the follow-up to NOPE, which hit theaters in 2022. It is Peele’s fourth directorial effort overall, with his filmography also including 2017’s Get Out and 2019’s Us.

Jordan Peele’s next movie does not have a release date but stay tuned as we’ll undoubtedly learn more in the new year.