Jenna Ortega Says PROM NIGHT Is "The Proper Way To Do A Slasher"

And claims David Arquette is the key to world peace in this HOT ONES episode.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · March 8, 2023, 9:00 PM EST
jenna ortega hot ones

Jenna Ortega cites Prom Night as a "guiding light" and the proper way to do a slasher on a recent episode of the YouTube hit show Hot Ones. For those unfamiliar, Hot Ones places guests in the hot seat in a very literal way. Presented with a slab of wings, doused in hot sauces of increasing intensity on the Scoville scale, host Sean Evans conducts interviews with guests as they take on hot wings and sweat it out. Except in this case, Ortega ate the whole array like a champ, with only the slightest hint of some watery eye action, crediting her family's "strong taste buds."

Between X, Scream, the cover of FANGORIA, and Netflix's Wednesday, Ortega has taken the horror world by storm. But she's not just the star of some of our favorite recent horror films, she's also a bonafide horror fan. During the interview, Ortega praised the 1980 classic Prom Night, for its incorporation of "All the classic teenage tropes," adding, "it's got incredible gore." Ortega went on to acknowledge, "it's inspired so many horror films, it's just the proper way to do a slasher."

Last year Ortega starred in Scream's return to the screen and called David Arquette "An unbelievable man." Her Scream co-star apparently gave Bob Ross certified painting lessons on set and let fellow cast members borrow his red tricycle to get around. Having a David Arquette on every set is "the key to world peace."

When discussing Tim Burton's film catalog, Ortega named Beetlejuice as a staple and also showed some love for Mars Attacks, saying people don't give it the credit it deserves. Ortega also revealed she always wanted to be one of the aliens, "but not the Lisa Marie one, the one with the exposed brain." Ack ack ack! Check out Jenna Ortega's full Hot Ones episode below, she might even add an extra dab or two of the most nefarious of the bunch like a walk in the park. Catch Ortega back on the big screen in Scream VI in theaters March 10.