IF IT BLEEDS: Star Studded Horror Anthology Is On The Horizon

Catherine Corcoran, Justin Miles, Doug Jones, Dee Wallace, and Krsy Fox headline Matthew Hersh's upcoming feature.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · February 8, 2024, 5:11 PM EST
If It Bleeds Cast

There's a new horror anthology on the horizon! Per Deadline, the upcoming feature from first-time director Matthew Hersh stars Catherine Corcoran (Terrifier, Return to Nuke Em High), Justin Miles (Adult Swim’s Yule Log), Doug Jones, Dee Wallace and Krsy Fox (Bury The Bride).

Titled If It Bleeds, the premise follows Corcoran "as news reporter Diane Winters and her cameraman Simon, played by Miles, as they uncover a mysterious series of gruesome murders that unfold throughout the course of a chaotic and violent day. As events unfold, the duo become players in a sinister situation even more menacing than either one could have imagined."

Doug Jones stars as a plastic surgeon, opposite Dee Wallace and Krsy Fox. Jones shared with Deadline, “Getting to play a quirky cosmetic surgeon was a treat enough for me, but under Matthew Hersh’s careful direction and witty writing, that treat was sweetened all the more. Add to that the professional, efficient crew, the joy of acting opposite the thoughtful and hilarious Krsy Fox, and this filming experience was dang near perfect.”

The feeling was mutual as Fox shared praise for co-star Jones with FANGORIA, "Doug Jones is captivating in every scene. He is an actor I’ve looked up to, and not only is he the most wonderful and hysterical person, he really brought Dr. Charles to life. Prepare for blood, scares, and some serious twists in If It Bleeds. Matthew has a huge career in front of him!”

Hersh previously directed a segment in Night of the Missing, currently streaming on Screambox.

“Ever a champion of independent filmmakers, I was thrilled when Matthew invited me to come along on this next phase of his creative journey" Corcoran added. "Diane’s story is universal in that we all have the need to be seen and valued, and I can’t wait for the world to see how our incredible cast and crew bring that theme to life.” 

Fox also shared appreciation for Wallace, and the whole team, "When I read the script for If It Bleeds, I knew taking on the role of Dana would be challenging, fun, and absolutely wild. Playing a character that changes so much emotionally and physically was such a blast. It was a dream come true to work with Dee Wallace. She was on my bucket list of actresses to work with, and she was incredible. We had so much fun, and she was just amazing to watch."

Wallace echoes the sentiment, “Working with Krsy Fox was an amazingly fun and creative ride! Such a different take on horror. I loved it!”

I had a chance to pop over to the set for a day, and I think it's safe to say we are in for some surprises and wonderfully grotesque treats. The film is nearing completion, which hopefully means it will be in front of our eyeballs very soon. We'll keep you posted.