Horrorcation: Book A Stay in These Horror-Themed Getaways

Horror staycation, anyone? Here's a list of horror-themed rooms or rentals that are so spooky you'll want to stay forever and ever.

By Sabina Graves · @SabinaHasNoR · May 18, 2022, 1:00 PM EDT
BBQ anyone? Book a cabin or campsite at the original TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE gas station.

Not ready to fully go out into the world but need a getaway? Here are some places worth booking with spooky kitschy charm that offer rest and relaxation in less touristy congested areas. These horror-loving hospitality professionals have sprung up unique accommodations at hotels, vintage motels, and rental homes throughout the country. Perfect for those looking for more isolated options, whether you want a change of office scenery, seek a solo writing retreat, a group trip, or in search of a romantic escape.


Dracula's Fangs Cottage at The Roxbury - Catskills, New York

Escape to the Catskill Mountains, three hours away from the city. Bask in the sheer opulence of high vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers galore, red velvet furnishings, a soaking tub with crimson walls, and a throne–of course! This cottage mansion even has an elegant staircase to greet guests like its namesake, whose presence haunts every hall to any vampire fan's delight. It features two master bedrooms with their own dedicated bathrooms, patios to lounge outside, and access to hiking trails. This spot is perfect for a group trip (fits up to 10 guests if the adjacent Fantasy themed cottage is added) or could serve as a romantic getaway for two. The Roxbury offers packages that include accommodations for your goth dream destination elopement or mini-moon in the woods.


Great Northern

The Great Northern at Hicksville Pines Bud and Breakfast - Idyllwild, California

When you stay at this motel, privacy is key as they're known for having a STRICT anti-influencer policy. Vacation photos are ok, but no brand (including yourself) clout chasing. You're here to retreat and unplug–maybe finish that book or script finally, too. If that's your damn fine cup of coffee, you'll fit in with the cult following of frequent visitors. The Great Northern, a Twin Peaks-inspired three-bedroom Lynchian dream, is among their various themed cabins. The horror kitsch details include a red-curtained screening room, black and white floors, and a Laura Palmer room replete with pink everything down to the sink and tub. While not a horror resort, this 420-friendly, 21+ lodge also includes a Haunted Mansion cabin along with other non-spooky accommodations. (There's a Christmas Cabin too–which arguably can count as horror!)



The Horror Floor Featuring The Ghostbusters Room at The Curtis Hotel - Denver, Colorado

The Curtis Hotel is a downtown Denver gem with pop-culture-themed floors, and yes–the 13th is HORROR. The hallways are filled with awesome murals and art throughout with nods to The Shining, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more. Only one room per floor is fully themed and will often rotate the movie it's homaging. Recently, the horror-themed room was Ghostbusters with aesthetics like squishy green slime floors, art prints of the Ecto-1, movie stills, themed curtains, and Vigo watching over you in the bathroom. This is the best budget-friendly stay! It's a Doubletree with warm cookies at check-in. You'll want to hit up the nearby horror dive bar, Slashers, serving scary movie drinks and screenings. We recommend the "Mergers and Acquisitions." And you won't want to miss out on Meow Wolf, an immersive futuristic art installation that will transport you to another world with big Blade Runner, Twilight Zone, and Jodorowsky vibes.



Haunted Manor at Castlewood Cottages - Big Bear, California

Castlewood Cottages takes immersion to another level with its Haunted Manor mini-mansion.

Inside there are transforming animated portraits, a mausoleum, crypt, and graveyard, in addition to comfortable accommodations for the living too. The attention to detail goes beyond their spooky cottage walls. Within the rooms, you'll find practical potion wares and a hidden surprise cosplay closet to dress up as the masters of the manor. There's also a jacuzzi tub with a ghostly granite face as the spout. Tucked in the Big Bear mountains, you can visit while it snows and keep warm by the fireplace or really anytime throughout the year for a nature-filled retreat. Be sure to keep things lively by raising the dead with the ouija board in the game collection. Let's hope the shop, which stocks more period-appropriate costumes, also has sage and oils for protection.



Stranger Things at The Graduate - Bloomington, Indiana

The Graduate Hotel is a chain that's popping up all over the country around college towns and the Bloomington, Indiana location invites guests to their little slice of Hawkins. With nods to the Byers and Hopper residences, this room has so many easter eggs from Netflix's Stranger Things, including the Christmas lights message wall to commune with anyone in the Upside Down. If that's too scary and you want to avoid the Demogorgon coming through the wall, there are also costumes to wear while playing a game of D&D (board included). Having a tribute room where the show takes place makes it a must-visit if you're in Indiana and a fan. Be sure to stop by the restaurant at the hotel, which also offers food like the Upside Down Burger and drinks inspired by the show.



Creepshow Inn at Stranger Stays - Big Bear, California

Throwing it back are the newest of horror-themed stay offerings, which recently opened up in Big Bear, CA and books up really fast. The Creepshow Inn is one of two cabins you can spend the night in (the other is a Stranger Things one). This one evokes '80s slumber parties vibes with a VHS collection, Goosebumps books, and a sweet projector screen for a movie night in the woods. Classic monsters adorn the walls with masks and art. There's even a popcorn machine and full kitchen for a completely isolated trip with loved ones. Don't forget to bring the pizza bagel bites to feed the monsters under the bed.



Scare BnB at the SugarMynt Gallery - Pasadena, California

Anyone dare to be neighbors with Michael Myers? At the Scare BnB you can! The SugarMynt Gallery, purveyors of horror art and backyard movie screenings, is now hosting overnight stays filled with homages to John Carpenter's Halloween. This is the spot for a distant self-guided tour around the city, starting with the Myers house next door, and isn't too far from other horror film locations like Nancy's house from A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you're feeling adventurous, be sure to catch films playing at one of LA's' iconic revival movie houses like The New Beverly theater, or drop by Warner Bros. or Universal Studios Hollywood's outdoor backlot tours for more horror history.



The Gas Station - Bastrop, Texas

This once The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie set has drawn visits from slasher fans since the film's release in 1974, and a few years back, it was turned into a destination with more than photo-op fun. You can enjoy some BBQ (animal brisket, not human) and stay the night in one of their four cabins or campground lodging. Perfectly safe for a summer road trip stop sans chainsaw-wielding maniacs and cannibals.


Happy vacationing!