Hold On Tight, A FALL Sequel Is Coming

The second survival thriller might take us even higher.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · March 17, 2023, 2:23 PM EDT

Bad news for acrophobes; Deadline have reported today that the creators of Fall are currently discussing ideas for a sequel to the survival thriller.

Tea Shop Productions and director Scott Mann are looking to scare up a second Fall film after the first has become a financial hit, grossing close to $22M on a $5M budget after Lionsgate picked it up for U.S. theatrical release, and becoming Netflix’s second most-watched movie in the UK for two consecutive weeks.

The indie thriller stars Grace Caroline Currey (Shazam! Fury of the Gods) and Virginia Gardner (Gaslit) as friends who scale and get stuck up a 2,000-foot radio tower in the desert. It's currently certified fresh on RT, with audiences praising the tension and intensity of the towering terror.

Commenting on the success of Fall , Tea Shop cofounder James Harris praised the simple yet effective marketing that cleverly exploited the almost-universal fear of heights and made us sweat with that dizzying poster:

"You can make a good movie but unless you present companies with a way to market it, a lot of the time they mess it up. It was quite important for us to say, ‘Shove it,’ to people and control how to do the marketing.”

Regarding the sequel, Harris also teased that “We’ve got a couple of ideas we’re kicking around … We don’t want to make something that feels like a copycat or less than the first one.”

Deadline tells us that Currey may be involved in the second film - but decisions are yet to be made - and that the plan is to “get moving” on the project later this year.

Needless to say we'll be fall-owing this news very closely, so check back for updates as we get them!