Can you stop killer miner Harry Warden from reaching the Valentine’s Day dance and slaughtering the town youths? Fright Rags is giving you a chance to try with My Bloody Valentine: The Game. As Warden stalks his way to the big Valentine’s Day dance, one to four players (that’s you!) move around the board collecting weapons, drawing cards, working around roadblocks, using the secret mine tunnel, and trying not to get their hearts broken. But watch out— players who land on Harry’s space will confront the pickaxe-wielding slasher, which means certain death for either Harry or the player.

This marks the second installment in the Stop the Killer game series, produced by Anthony Masi in conjunction with Fright-Rags, following the wildly successful launch of Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game. Punish! Find out more info about the upcoming My Bloody Valentine: The Game here.

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