John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN Novelization Returns To Print After 40 Years

Featuring almost one hundred new illustrations of the night HE came home!

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · September 19, 2023, 5:16 PM EDT
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Spooky season is fast approaching and it comes bearing great news - almost 40 years after Curtis Richards' official novelization of John Carpenter's classic Halloween, the novel is getting a fresh reprint from the good folks over at Printed in Blood.

The reprint features almost one hundred brand new illustrations of the terrifying tale from legendary digital artist Orlando 'Mexifunk' Arocena. More details from Printed in Blood as follows:

Printed In Blood is very proud to present the original movie tie-in novelization, reprinted in full here for the first time in over 40 years! In addition, it has been fully illustrated throughout with nearly a hundred brand-new illustrations created just for this release by the vector genius, Orlando 'Mexifunk' Arocena. This 224-page volume is bursting with both classic and gorgeous new artistic visions of the John Carpenter horror classic. This Limited Edition cover features the classic paperback cover art re-created by Orlando. Produced under license with Compass International Pictures and with full cooperation of the original author, Richard Curtis (who penned the original novel under the name Curtis Richards)."

For you young'uns who might not remember the halcyon days before VOD, streaming and easily accessible physical media, back in the day novelizations were the best way to revisit your favorite movies, and for horror fans, they have remained an essential part of lore and world tells us that the Halloween novelization [...] explores the ancient origins of the curse that targeted Michael Myers, showcasing a bit of his life before he first murdered his sister, his trial, and his life in Smith's Grove Sanitarium. So even if you've seen Halloween 500 times like the best of us, Halloween: Illustrated is going to be feature something new even for you Myers die-hards.

Pre-order your copy of Halloween: Illustrated now over at Printed in Blood's official website - better get on that fast because you just know these are gonna sell faster than pumpkins in Haddonfield.

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