Chris Alexander's GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR Gets A Trailer

A new psychological horror film from a former Fango editor.

By Fangoria Staff · April 28, 2021, 2:57 PM CDT
girl with a straight razor.jpg

Chris Alexander edited FANGORIA from 2010-2015, and he remains a friend of the Fango fam and occasional contributor, so we're pleased to share the new trailer for his film Girl with a Straight Razor!

Read on for the press release, and check out the full poster below:

From comes GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR, a psychotronic, sensual horror film starring Ali Chappell (NECROPOLIS: LEGION). The film follows themes and moods explored in previous Alexander-helmed films like BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD, SPACE VAMPIRE and FEMALE WEREWOLF while melding them with a more graphic, neo-giallo aesthetic. GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR also stars noted Canadian musician and performance artist Thea Faulds and features practical special effects make-up by artist Carlos Henriques (NECROPOLIS: LEGION, BEAST WITHIN).

GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR is the first original genre production from Canadian horror and exploitation film distributor Darkside Releasing with their new partner, Moleman Entertainment, in what is a joint effort to produce and distribute sophisticated independent low budget genre pictures that emphasize style and substance while also delivering more visceral horror elements.

The official poster art for GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR was painted by noted British comic and graphic novel artist Nick Percival (JUDGE DREDD, HELLRAISER, MARVEL ZOMBIES) and the poster design was created by Marc Schoenbach at Sadist Art Designs. 

"I consider my work to be a kind of 'elevated exploitation' and GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR is no exception," says Alexander, who wrote, produced, directed and composed much of the score.

"Once again, I focus on a female protagonist and sympathetic 'human monster' who is trapped in a sort of isolated reality and finds salvation through violence. This time, the isolation was a given, seeing as the picture was carefully produced during the pandemic with minimal cast and crew. The intimacy of the process only added to the texture of the film, really."

Darkside Releasing will release GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT internationally this summer on multiple formats and platforms.