RostislavVaynshtok’s second short film, Praise For My Devourer is set to premiere at this year’s Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Florida, August 20th. Following his writing and directing debut, What Can Be Broken Should Be Broken, Vaynshtok’s sophomore short serves up a short and sweet slice of bedtime terror, and will premiere as part of the festival’s Homegrown Fresh Squeezed Horror program.

As far as inspiration for the nightmare short, director Rostislav Vaynshtok says, “I wanted to do something that was explicitly straightforward Horror, in more ways than one. It’s such a simple yet horrifying premise, what if one of your kids wakes you up in the middle of the night and says something absolutely terrifying to you, and then it comes true. I took a lot of inspiration from the way Robert Eggers used exteriors on his short Brothers with this one, and everything from the lighting, to the colors, to a young girl being the centerpiece; is Suspiria worship. I said, let’s really make it eerie, I used sound in a fun way on this one.”

The film was once again scored entirely by Vaynshtok as his musical alias Slavvy, who also recently contributed two new original songs to the score for the upcoming Terrifier 2, including the end credits theme. Rostislav will also perform a DJ set as his musical alter ego Slavvy during the Popcorn Frights closing party, featuring unreleased music and some favorite classic horror score themes.

“I really went upbeat with this one. A combination of loving what Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein did with the Stranger Things score this season, and being a huge Goblin, Steve Moore, John Carpenter, Disasterpeace fan who hoards synthesizers. ’80s leaning horror scores are big for me and I kind of wanted to capture like a modicum of what the folks who inspire me do.” Take an exclusive first look at the trailer below, and catch Praise For My Devourer at Popcorn Frights.

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